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What tire to choose

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I have a 2007 525 EXC KTM and I bought the Supermoto rims from KTM

The back is the 4.25, I wanted to run a 150 rear and I think a 120 front

This bike will only be on the street and never the track so I am looking for a DOT tire.

I understand there are Continentals, and AVONs (hope that is spelled right) that are supermoto specific. What is differnce in using the supermoto specific tires and a regular sport bike tire like a Dunlop qualifier.

I'd like to know some specific tire combinations for street only driving.

Thank you everyone

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Supermoto bikes in general only weigh 250-290 pounds. Supermoto specific tires are engineered for these lighter loads.

Most sportbikes weigh much more, anywhere from 350-500 pounds so regular sportbike tires are engineered for these heavier loads.

That being said you can use most any sport motorcycle tire on your SM bike. It's really just a matter of personal preference. Adjust your tire pressures accordingly, typically 24-26psi.

Avon Distanzia or Viper Sport

Bridgestone BT014 or BT015

Continental Contiforce-SM or Sport Attack

Dunlop Qualifier

Maxxis Supermaxx or Goldspeed

Metzeler M3 Sportec or Racetec Drift Slicks

Michelin Pilot Power

Pirelli Diablo or MT60R Corsa

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