X Games

Does anyone know which riders will be riding Huskys in todays Super Moto?

I think Delepine will be there....Go Husky

GP Husky built up two new, 08 450 Husky engines for the SM today. One racer, only the 450s are racing today, no 250s. It is being televised live out here in San Diego at 12 noon PST for 3 hours.

I've got the VCR setup in case we get a run. Low humidity today = high fire danger. GO HUSKY!

It was a guy from Oz... Adam Cini. I think he finished around 12th.

I just got back from the x games and it was good to see Husky represented.

How did the Huskies place?

Will the supermoto be televised and when? thanks, Mike

I just got back from the x games and it was good to see Husky represented.

What number was he? It was hard to tell bikes except for the Yam, Hon and KTM models. I taped it and will watch it again when I know what number to look for.

finished 12th... started way at the back and did a decent job moving up. those guys that finished 1 and 2 are nails though.

Who was on the #3 Husky? They showed a segment called Xgames "Slammed" and that guy ate it big time twice from what they showed. Hope is is alright.

ESPN pisses me off. The only guy in the whole field on a Husky (which is newsworthy by itself), and he moved up in the pack against the likes of superstars like Reed and others, and gets NO AIR TIME!!! WHAT A CROCK!!! Well, I take that back. I think when Ward pitted, he could barely glimpse the Husky (it was a newer red and white one). I slowed it down on the DVR just so I could say I saw the Husky in the race. They did show the clips from last year, when the Husky guy took a spill (on a yellow and blue one). Man that machine did look killer.

Moving up from 18th to 12th was good. DNFs helped there, but it was still a respectable finish on the GP Husky bike. Good coverage in the pits before the race began with pit crew, Paul Lima, bike and Tent.. Only other EZ-UPs shown were Honda and Yamaha.

The Husky last year I think may have been the footage of Seal. ESPN had designed a nasty wood ramp going in to the arena that had a step up design to it and Seal smacked the rear wheel on the edge of the step up and it launched him and cart wheeled him down the ramp. A few weeks after the race I saw the rear rim sitting on the shop floor at GP and I don't think I have ever seen a rim that bashed in. I heard that the course last year was the reason why many of the top Euro riders did not want to come compete anymore but that could all be internet rumors.

The one thing that has always bothered me about the X-games supermoto event was that the track was designed for the likes of McGrath and the supercross guys who are well known by the ESPN viewers. I have always liked it in years past when the Euro's would show up who are top racers in supermoto and do really well in the event leaving the ESPN announcers with nothing to say but "uh...who is this guy again?" At least this year they made the course a more traditional supermoto course.

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