SuperMotard Video (Ya Gotta See This)

this is what SuperMoto is all about for those that were afraid to ask :)

First wyou will need to ge the DivX codec here:

Then come back and click the link below to see the video, first off I need to warn you, you wont want to ride dirt anymore. go here after you install the divx codec (PS it takes a minute or so for the video to play as it comes from a server in France I think, but its well worth it:


:Dweb pageweb page

I love it!!!! I hope it catches on in America.

I used to ride my Ducati m900 monster around city streets like that until I realized the I was breaking a law about every 1/8 of a mile!!!

After I read the first review on the '98 wr400 I traded in the monster and got a Yamamonster and never missed the streets until now! :)

bummer said it wouldn't work for me. Oh well i guess i will stick to dirt

WHat do you mean it said it wouldnt work? did you install the Divx codec first? you have to do that then go get the movie for it to work.Let me know

code installed first. i can follow directions

this is what it said. unable to download appropriate decompressor

I am so going to do this to my WR426 as soon as I need a new bike. I could never do away with the dirt :):D !!


i had to unpack it


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