Drc Tail Light

I'm looking for a good spot to pick up the DRC edge Tail light. I cant track it down. I also live in portland OR and wonder how the coppers will react. Anyone had any issues with it?

Edge Tail Light Holder Kit

Its the 4th one down!

Forrest, the owner of Wheeling Cycles is THE MAN!!

As for the police, i doubt you'll have a problem, I've NEVER heard of anyone with a police issue over this light! :thumbsup:

+2 On Forrest. He'll take great care of you.

Cool mang... appreciate it. Cops are haters here so.. We'll give it a go with the smoke..

Also lookin for some solid low pro mirrors.. any recommendations?

Also got another one for ya. I have an 06 sm and I want to take that canister off. Do you have any knowledge on what that would require.

William 1 you got all the answers! What a cool guy.

Oh yeah and Forrest @ Wheeling is hella cool!!!

William 1 you got all the answers! What a cool guy.

Thanks, actually, I just make this stuff up as I go. I really have no idea whatsoever......:crazy:;)

i got mine from wheeling took only 3days to get it looks great too ive had no problems with the cops they wont bother you as long as they can see it also got dmp led blinkers from motosports only took 2days since there in portland heres a pic every works great and plenty bright


Pockets are plenty deep william.. thanks alot for the link.

My pleasure, I'll simply add it to your bill. I checked, your credit is good.... for now.

Dru, was your avatar designed with me in mind? ;)

shooot willie.... Nah it wasnt for you. Story behind it. It's mainly for the guys I work with. Just keep my tab runnin and I'll get you back. :thumbsup:

No problem. Now that I have the power of atty. for your financial accounts, I will not have to bother you about insignificant things like money ;)

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