XR70 turbo project

I allready did some research, the following sounds very promising:

The Suck-through (or draw through) setup involves mounting the carburetor before the turbo inlet (usually in front of the impeller mouth). This means that both fuel and air are drawn into the turbo already mixed and then blown into the inlet manifold. This is by far the simplest way to set up a turbo, as the carburetor doesn’t need to be especially modified and tuning is quite easy.

Does anyone know if anyone has ever turbocharged a xr50/xr70??

Well I am trying to get a small turbo, the smaller the better.

A guy allready replyed to my add on kijiji.

He offered me a T23 for $80. One one know if this one would be small enough?

Here are my ideas, on how I will mount the turbo.

First of all I have a stick welder, and I will buy a blow torch to bend the exaust.

I think the best way to mount it would where the stock carb sits, and then move the carb back where the airbox is. Would this work?

And then mod and bend the exaust to blow into the correct tube on the turbo. And then just cut the rest of it of like the turbo charged hayabusa below:

not gonna happen.

never heard of anyone sucsessfully using a existing turbo to graf onto a 70. there was one guy that came on here with some very interesting pictures of a 100% one off custom setup that he said worked.

do a search

could you please give me the link to the costum turbo. I couldn't find it.


I know of 3 turbos on Honda 50 style motors. Two didn't actually manage to spin the turbo enough to build boost. The third is still being assembled.



They've got some TINY turbos, combine that with a big displacement build and you may be the first to make it work outside of Japan. (Seen pics of supercharged and turbo'd bikes in Japan, but no details on them.)

man, do a search i've posted links to mega dollar turbo dax build and another turbo build and neither worked admitted by the builders themselves. it's just a velocity and volume problem with that small of a motor really and the exhaust pulses are too far apart to build any efective volume of exhaust in the hot side of the turbo

turboglenn, do you think the following turbo would give me more top end power on very high revs. Because wouldn't high revs shorten the exhaust pulses? And help with the velocity and volume problem.

Or do you think it still won't give me decent boost? Even with very high revs and a short exaust?

from ebay,



Fabing this up with an arc welder and a blow torch is not the best idea...

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