xr appraisal thread

i didnt see one of these so i figured why not.

post pics and specs!

99 xr250r. procircuit t-4 pipe,k&n filter,removed snorkel,revalved forks,renthal 50t rear sprocket,jt 13t counter sproket,renthal r1 chain,msr skid plate,aluminum xr rear disc cover,moose chain guard,aluminum handguards,moose levers,steve lamson bend renthal bars and renthal dual compound grips.



thats not an appraisal thread. i mean like for people wanting to know how much there xr's are worth. i figured it would help people trying to sell there xr's or people buying them.

except there's 8,000 variables in condition, mods, hours, etc etc etc

Your bike looks good,but I feel that it would sell faster if you cleaned all the decals off of it,and wiped the areas off with some alcohol,just my thought,I was once told by a dealer that potential buyers think the bike was raced if it was full of stickers,I could be wrong,I guess I just like the "clean" look.But then again its a XR,so it will sell no matter what.

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