hello, for those of you who dont know and for those of you who do know its a good reminder.


This morning we were packing for a camping trip and my dad rolled my bike out of the shed so he could get at the camping gear. When the bike was out he noticed that 1 spoke hade fallen off the rim and was hanging by the hub. I had just ridden my bike yesterday and hadn't checked my spokes. I was lucky the spoke didnt get caught up in the chain or anything. So always check your spokes. Now i have to wait to get it fixed after our trip.

That sucks man, I'm gonna go check mine now. :thumbsup:

Good advice!!!!

way to check!:applause:

yeah i need to get more into that habit

ya and its a good habit to get into!

you also get a way to check!:applause:

I'm reading this one week too late. Story time...

Last weekend I was at the local track and of course i didn't check my spokes. Well, I was entering a flat sweeper when my front tire popped. Lost complete control and lowsided. After pulling myself out from under the bike I did a quick inspection, 2 broken spokes and a flat. But that's not all...Went to start her up and she wouldn't kick because i had bent my rear brake lever into a 90 degree angle and also bent my right footpeg backwards.

I don't know how i'm going to fix the brake lever. Might just have to replace it. Taking the tire into the shop and I already hammered my peg back into place but it is still a little bent.

All that just because i didn't check my spokes

now i bet youll check your spokes even when your not going for a ride.

I check mine every 3 rides and I am ordering a spoke torque wrench.


Grab some small plastic electrical type cable ties. Cable tie your spokes together where they cross each other.

If one breaks, it stays put ! No risk of it coming off and getting caught in your chain, going through a tyre or whatever.

Cheap insurance.

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