Im screwed

I was riding my 05 kx250f yesterday when i noticed it was running strange. I rode it for about 1 hour, took a brake then went to start it back up again. I noticed that the compression seemed really weak when i tried to start it and i went to ride it up a hill and it just bogged out. The bike ran great before this all started to happen. Then i went back to the truck and noticed it was smoking!! I had lost almost all oil out of engine from a little whole that is for god knows what in the front of the cylinder above the exhaust. I dont know much baout four strokes or what this is but i know its not good and alot of dirt could of got in there and i could be out of riding for a while till i get some money to fix it if it has any engine troubles.

Dude, that blows! sorry man. hopefully its just a new top end.

how could oil be coming out of the hole on the side of the cylinder..that just leads into the spark plug..unless you are talking about the decompression cover

Yeah, it's just the decomp. plug. If the bike still turns over smooth and there are no strange noises, replace the plug change your oil and start the bike and you should fine.

just replace it. Doesnt cost that much

yea thats it the decompression plug. Where does that lead and could dirt of got in there?

yes dirt could havegone in there.. i suggest opening up the head...i dnt think it really does anything cause most of the newer bikes have an auto decompression

yea but i never really worked on fours so once i open the head then what, look for dirt?

Yeah, you can take the valve cover off and inspect the head for dirt but you shouldn't have any dirt in there. It's kinda hard for anything to go in when oil is flowing out, and if oil isn't coming out then air is. Your head builds pressure so when that plug comes out the pressure releases through that hole.

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