NEW PARTS!!!! MY UPGRADES for my custom mini!!!! pics

Woah thats crazy, im diggin the red billet, wish i had the cash to do that to my bike

dude lookin good:thumbsup:

Is that an H-Bomb exhaust?? And if so could you tell me how she performs.

Nice bike

Cool. Now we need the before and after pix.


Ya, Ill shoot up some pics when everything is on the bike, and Its an Infinity exhaust. So exactly like the H bomb though.

I can tell you now that the H bomb has an awesome sound!!!!, Has great power, and reasonably priced. Not the BEST out there (CHP ULTIMA), but runs right behind. If you are really picky and dont want a machine bend for your pipes, this isn't for you. Thats about the only downside. Not hand made. Oh big deal. You will also have to grind a little of the welds where it steps up for even better flow. I learned this on planet minis.

BTW, Im also trying out the FMF powercore4 BIG BORE pipe. The mini moto version!!! So hopefully it will work good with the GPX 146 BVH motor I will be running. Its double the size of the standard powercore4!!!!

Just so everyone knows the Chp ultima is the best pipe, then Classic Honda, then the FMF 4.1. It has been dyno tested.

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