Engine cut out w/ throttle on????

Need some suggestions...Have a '06 RMZ 450 that runs awesome. Recent valve check in spec and fresh oil. Starts on first kick cold/hot. Went riding today and had the engine completely die 2 times under slight acceleration on gradual hill climb. No bogging prior to stall - just felt like someone pulled the plug. Kicked right over w/ hot start and I pressed on - happened 1 more time. Any thoughts? Buddy says he's had it on his Honda CRF 450. It was a muddy ride but the stalls did not happen going through water. Anyone????

Happened all the time to me on my 06 CRF and 06 RMZ until I installed the Boyesen Quickshot!

maybe you were out of gas or it was off haha ive had that happen when i run out of gas:bonk:

check the float. mine has stuck twice, first open gas just runing out, then went trial riding and it stuck closed and cut out while thottle was wide open

Pull the check valve out of the gas tank vent tube.


I've had this happen on my '06 CRF 450. Then at other times, it will go hours on end and never stall or hiccup. I've tried blaming a few things (including vent check valve), but couldn't figure it out. Maybe jetting?

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