gearbox oil help please hope its not broken

i was riding today and slid out on a corner nothing major. i finished the session and went in to pits. i looked at my bike and noticed that there was gearbox oil coming out of the air filter box over flow pipe.

Any ideas why this has happened?:cry:

someone must know why this has happened surely.:eek:

that would be engine oil. When you overturned the bike, it came out of the crankcase breather (valvecover), and into the air boot... Then it probably leaked through the airfilter then into the airbox and onto the ground...

This could be from a couple of reasons:

1) you were overturned and the oil just came out due to gravity...

2) you have a blown right crank and/or balancer shaft seal and the oil is transferring from the transmission to the motor. In turn the motor is getting too full so it comes out of the crankcase breather tube and into the airbox... and your trans oil would be getting really low.

Either way, you know the pink plastic catch tube, that will be full of the "fluids"...

thanks for the reply. how hard is that seal to replace if it is that that is gone?

you need to take of the right crankcase cover...

You will need a clutch hub holder tool from honda and the other tool to lock the gears together (not sure of its name at the moment) so you can take off and torque up the bolts...

So you will need to remove the clutch assembly, then the crank gears and balancer shaft gears... Now you can remove the right crank seal and put the new one in carefully, do it per the manual... Put everything back together...

But if you need to replace the balancer shaft seal as well, you need to remove the left crankcase cover, flywheel (need the correct puller, get a motion pro one) and pull out the balancer shaft, the oil pump gear and pin will fall out, don't loose them... After the shaft is out you can pull out the seal and put in a new one... Re install everything per the manual...

Well, are you sure it's still spitting out oil? I would clean the airbox/bike, refill both sides and ride it. If it's puking, then you KNOW you have a problem.

The reason I say this is because I was coming out of a right berm, hit sand and pretty much was dragging bar but couldn't get it up. When I picked the bike up, it had puked oil out over the swing arm. All is good now.

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