Compression Question For KX100

Buddy of mine bought his boy a 2003 KX100 and was wanting to do a compression check but the question is,, How much compression should one of these have with a good top end?

I recently sold my 100 and did a compression test to prove to people that it was good to go and it made 175psi w/ approx. 80 hrs on it. These bikes should be very close to 175-180, 180 is actually pretty high for a 100. My bike was bored and sleeved with that top end which is why it lasted so long and still made insane compression. When you check your 100, make sure its up around 160, other wise, put a fresh top end in, be sure to include new gaskets all around, makes a big difference.

Thank you very much. I don't think this one is anywhere near 175-180 psi, you can almost kick start it with your hand.:rolleyes:

Well good news is with these bikes, a top end kit encluding gaskets will only run you to 110 w/ shipping, as long as you know how to install new parts. My local guy does all the work for about 300 and he hones the cylinder so everything is good if your not boring and sleeving it.

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