Paradise Lost!

Oh No! All of us California guys just lost one of THE best places to ride in the entire state. As you are reading this, the Kennedy Meadows area is burning.


A good friend and fellow rider that is a firefighter told me the Troy Meadows / Fish Creek area is toast.

The news is reporting that the fire was not "naturally started", and I'm willing to bet that the powers that be are going to blame motorcyclists. Just another reason to shut it down to off-road enthusiasts, right? I've been through this before with the Forest Service in the Big Bear area. Some bozo makes a camp fire that gets out of control (at night) and the FS blames a motorcycle without a spark arrester. Go figure.

Major bummer.

[This message has been edited by Ron in SoCal (edited 08-01-2000).]

Sorry to hear that guys... Really.

But, looking at the photo and knowing the nature of fire and it's ability to change direction if as much as a fart breeze occurs, is that fireman not standing a little too close?????? :)


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