Edelbrock Carb on a wr400?

Does any one out there run an Edelbrock Carb on a wr 400. I have a 99 Wr 400 that is in need of a new carb. I have found a good price on a edelbrock, $350. It is around $240 cheaper than an keihin $589. How do the two compare? Thanks

I am running an older Edelbrock non-pumper on my '00 WR400. I swapped not because the stock carb was worn out, but because I like the simplicity of the Eddy as compared to the Keihin. Jetting issues are eliminated, starts easier, gets better gas mileage, adjusts for altitude in just a minute. The only difference that I can tell in performance is that the power delivery is more linear, pulls good and steady from idle all the way up. I thought that eliminating the TSP might be an issue, but that did'nt seem to make any noticeable difference.

I also have an Edelbrock (pumper) on my '98 WR400 and like it much better than the Keihin. No jetting and easy to adjust. I seem to get a little worse mileage, but hard to tell. I used to go on reserve around 90 miles and now it's more like 80. Maybe tuning or riding conditions. Overall, it's a much better carb.

If the Edelbrock carb is better than the Keihin FCR pumper carb, it must be one 'heck-of-a' carb, especially so since 'jetting issues are eliminated' and 'no jetting and easy to adjust'!

I wouldn't go as far as to say the Edelbrock is better performancewise, but it is easier to deal with. These days I'm just a recreational trail rider and the less hassle the better.

You should check out ebay for carburetors, I found mine for around $200 barely used not too long ago. On my old Carb I tightend the top cover too tight with an allen wrench and broke the tab off the carb body. good luck

Go for it man this is the best carb. I haved the same probleme on my wr400 1998 and everything go well now I love my bike, start first kick hot or cold.....

i contacted edelbrock customer service to ask them which carburetor is compatible with wr 400 f 1998. unfortunately they don't answer.

reason why i'm looking for it is that the idle is not stable.

could someone tell me which one is the right one please?

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