Graphics or Paint? Gas tank dilemma

I just got a killer deal on a barely used 3.2 IMS that will finally allow me to lose the steel stocker, but it's the wrong shade of yellow. After a few hours of research here and online stores I still haven't decided to resolve the issue.

Krylon makes Fusion paint, which bonds to plastic and several here have had good luck with it. Again, can't seem to match the color.

Rustoleum makes a plastic prep that allows you to use any color, but haven't found the prep yet.

Not many choices for graphics out for the DRZ and the one i found I like is now discontinued. Not to mention, since the gas tank breathes fumes your graphics should start bubbling up in about a year.

Custom graphics are highly detailed and look great standing next to it, but I want something that'll been seen from across the parking lot.


Has anyone found a plastic specific paint match to the '07 yellow?

Does painting the tank block the seepage of fumes? (thinking if it did, you could paint it before applying graphics for longer life)

Anyone found any new source of good graphics lately?

I've never been a fan of paint on plastic gas tanks. I vote that you go the graphic route.

Graphics For Sure.......

Yeah, I'm leaning towards graphics. I don't know that it would mask the color real well. If I could find a decent set to get exited over it would seal the deal.

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