Xyience/MDK graphics question

I saw that the xyience/mdk graphics for the honda CRFs are white. Most of the graphics cover up the red, but the front fender. Where can I find a white front fender? Or does the graphics cover that up too?

The front fender decal is only the tip and some some side stickers, I'm thinkin' to make the kit look good, you'd need the white front fender, and I don't know where to get just a fender, keep an eye out on Ebay.

the 250 mdk graphics/xyience are more black than white.the 450 ones are more white.I have them on my 250X.check pics in the 250x forum.I thought they were more white when i ordered them but when i got them i was a little bummed.it's all good though,they look good.the 450 ones are more white.

I got my full white plastic kit from www.Royaldistributing.com they are in Canada but they ship to the US. I got mine in a week and a helf they are really fast to be so far away. I got the UFO kit. They also sell the individual fenders for like $18 or less. Depends. Check em out.

Thumper talk store will sell you the individual piece.

You can get individuals anywhere motosport, rocky mountain etc

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