Ordered DVP needle - Got DKP?

Clark Mason, James Dean and Brad in AZ.

I wanted to go with the DVP needle. What I read sounded good. Keep the grunt off the bottom and get more mid range and top.

I ordered the correct needle

Yam part #5JG-14916-DP-00

But the needle says DKP on it.

What gives? Is this the right needle as it can be adjusted to be equal (only the 2nd letter is different)

If it is correct, do I go with position # 4?


DSP pipe w/tapered header

air box removed

throttle stop ground down

180 Main

48 pilot

Currently DRS (stock - in stock position)

YZ timing.

Thanks Guys. I have read every post on the subject but couldn't find the answer to this question. Although Chris_L had something similar happen but with no follow up.


It is not the same, it is 5 clip positions richer!! Sorry, it will not work. Suggestion, take it back to the parts dept. and tell them their parts reference is incorrect on the YZ426. Look under the WR400 or YZ400 parts reference to get the proper part #5BE-14916-DP which is DVP.

--or-- read the postings about increasing midrange power with the EKP #5JG-14916-EP needle and get that one instead. It is not clear that you may have wanted this in the first place. :)

James Dean

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The Yamaha part number I used to get my DVP needles was 5BE-14916-DP and the needle will have DVP stamped on the side. The DVP needle should be run in the #4 postion from the top.

The DKP needle you got will be 5 clip positions richer and you cannot get to a equivilant clip postion with it. DKP #1 would be the same as DVP #5. You could try the DKP in the number 5 but it would be a little rich. I would order the corrrect part and go with it. The 5JG part prefix must have come off a 00YZ fish. Make sure you order the 5BE-14916-DP. I believe this is called out in the technical section on this forum, I still have the Yam part bag which my needle came in and this is the number on the bag.

Good Luck


Thanks guys,

I read the posts and somewhere in there they said to order the 5JG-xxxxx

I figured it was alright because at the end of the order it said DVP in parentheses.

My mistake. Thanks for the help.

And as long as we are on this note let me ask you guys a question.

Based upon what I have read. The DVP overall is working better than the EKP.

Have you, James, successfully set up the EKP better than the DVP. I have been a good boy and read every post, the last ones I have read especially from Clark, elude that he has had more success with the DVP.

Which would be your recommended direction given my bikes setup.

Thanks again.


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In the technical section on this forum under "jetting" the write ups I did last year on high altitude and the octopus removal have the part numbers are correctly listed.



All right I thought I saw that PN somewhere. But I just did a search on it in the archives and only found my posting.

So I guess I am just a transcribing moron.

But that doesn't answer the 2nd part of the question. Would you go DVP or EKP.

But then I just read your other post to James Dean and I guess that question can't be fully answered yet. Correct?

Thanks again



I feel the power delivery with the EKP is more responsive in the mid-range, pulls harder with less twisting the throttle. In short, more fun! They both will work perfectly, but with a different power delivery. The DVP will pull smoothly and not break the back end loose as quickly. This is good in slippery conditions and better for novice riders. The EKP will require better throttle control and pull harder at 1/2 throttle. Fun when traction is good. Full throttle will make no difference when the correct main jet is installed and they will be MUCH different sizes of main jets.

-Your choice. :)



Answered very concisely.

I think I will give the DVP a try first, since the trails that I have been riding are now very loose, dry and powdering dirt.



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