The 08 quandary: To buy or not to buy...that is the question?

I just read the first media published review on the 08 450 that I could find. Its a e-magazine available online only (I believe). They tested the european release of the 450 (no shorty exhaust). The review was very favorable, and different from some of the comments I've seen thus far. Of course everyone has agreed that the handling and turning are now superb. The reviewers, however, felt the motor improved in power compared to the 2007. They did not say there was more power down low, but said it is more responsive and has a more "racing characteristic." On the other hand, the said the kayaba forks are inferior to their showa counterparts. So what does this mean (to me anyway)? I almost bought the 08, then hesitated after hearing the motor is weak. Maybe its just the exhaust. So now I'm thinking about it again. Anyway, I can't mention the direct source, but if you do an internet search that includes motocross and digital in the parameters, you'll turn up something that you can download and read yourself. Make your own conclusions and maybe comment here.

Anyway, I can't mention the direct source,.



I'm not sure, thumpertalk has deleted it in previous posts (not mine). I figured I wouldn't even bother linking it as a result. Do the internet search above, and you'll turn up the digital motocross magazine web page.

hmmm...weird they would delete it. I'm very familiar with the online mag you refer to...very cool and best of all free!

I would probably ride an '08 before you make your decision. I have a buddy that picked up an '08 and said there is no problem with the motor...good power and it hooks up....oh and the handling makes the '06 feel like a tank. His skill level....I'm guessing is a fast intermediate.

... the handling makes the '06 feel like a tank.
Where does that leave the '03?
Where does that leave the '03?

it leaves the 03 handling like a semi truck :crazy:

I still like my Tank and Semi Truck..............:thumbsup:

LOL...I rode a 07 KX450F today and I like my tank better..of course it was only two laps on the green bike and it was set up more for CC and tight trails. I liked the motor though.

As far as the tank and semi track comments...I was just passing on what I was told about the '08 YZ450F....I have not rode one personally yet..;-)

As far as the tank and semi track comments...I was just passing on what I was told about the '08 YZ450F....
We knew that.

But, I wonder what the guys on the CRF's and KXF's that I passed today think about having an old man turn inside of them on a steel framed semi? :smirk:

If you are a serious racer, Id say the '08 would be worth upgrading to. Look how much better Langston has been doing since he started riding the '08.

Ive read some reviews that said the motor felt kind of weak, but they did say the power delivery was a lot smoother and that the engine produced good power of a wider rpm range than the other bikes and that the amount of power it was down is a very small amount.

If youve got the cash and want a new bike, Id say go for it. It seems like Yamaha has fixed all the little gripes that everyone had with the bikes in past years and are now as good as any other bike on the market.

Its funny how some people cliam 450's have too much power and everyone should be forced to produce 350's, and then we hear reports that a certain 450 machine is too slow. Makes me laugh.

I made the tank comment about the 06'. I was just exaggerating to make a point that the changes made a big difference. I never once complained about the 06' turning ability until I rode my 08' but my opinion doesn't really matter so all I can say is ride one yourself.

O-ya I have never tried to turn a tank or a semi, they might actually turn good.

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