swing-arm pads

Has anyone ever experienced or noticed when they have changed the swing-arm pad a gap between the pad and the actual swingarm right behind the front sprocket, its like the actual pad is to long for the swingarm. This might sound strange but could it be also responsible for sheering the teeth of the front sprocket as it may have come into contact with the pad as it went through its stroke.


Is your coutershaft sprocket the OEM sprocket, (13 teeth?)?


When looking for a new swing arm pad/protector I noticed that the PNs were different from 98-99 to 2000. Part itself looks diff. too, but only in area in FRONT of arm, where you are talking about clearance problems. If you are having this problem I would double check the PN.

I doubt pad could hurt countershaft sprocket, damage would be inflicted in other direction (sprocket to pad).

I trashed my stock guard in a hurry (partly due to welds protruding too high on top of arm) and bought a T.M. or TerryCable Chain Slider. Makes a spooky noise but has worn 400% better than stock rubber one.

I don't know if anyone else does this but while racing MX in Pennsylvania, I took off the countershaft sprocket guard and rode without it. The reason was PA had lots of small rocks. The chain would pull the rocks between the sprocket and guard. To prevent breaking the guard, AND POSSIBLY DAMAGING THE ENGINE CASE, I removed the cover. This was actually quite common. I have taken off the Thumpers guard as well. I have never damaged my boot in any way from the spinning sprocket. Out of sight, out of mind and works like a champ.

Is your coutershaft sprocket the OEM sprocket, (13 teeth?)?

Say what? Stock is 14 isn't it?

Yep, mine has the gap there.


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sorry guys I dont know how to paste quotes into my answer so I'll just go through in order.

The sprocket that sheered was a fifthteen tooth(standard for oz ADR's) I have tried a 14 but I seemed to run out of gears when riding. I'll try the 14 again as I've got it there.

The countershaft guard was the first thing I ripped off when I purchased the bike, I only run the case-saver which was mounted underneath the guard.

I think I'll put it down as just one of those things, and see how I go this weekend.

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