stonyford [2]

Thanks to all the guys that meet up with me at stonyford sunday the 30th i had a geart ride[as allways with you guys]sorry some of you got off track, but you know a WR never fallows a DRZ [randy] just kidding.This was good ending to a gerat trip a week in oragon and then 2 days at stonyford once again had a geart ride.

monty :):D :D :D

And I thought Randy rode tailgunner because he knew the trails. I guess now I know the truth - the DRZ is relegated to the back of the pack....

Although, he did look like he was enjoying pressing the magic button as we were kicking away to start our bikes.


So Brian didnt you notice how i always stopped my bike to look at the map and just as you turned your bike off I would startup( with the magic E button). that feels so good!!!!

Good ride, Randy

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