Steering head bearings

My steering head bearings on my '04 450F are getting a little stiff and I know I should repack or replace them. How hard is it to do? Am I better off just going to the shop? How often do you guys repack the steering head?

The one thing that's typically beyond the reach of the home garage mechanic is the removal of the lower bearing. That should be done by pressing the stem out, and needs to be done correctly.

If the bearings are just dry and/or dirty, it's not so hard. Replacing the races is a little tougher and as I said, the lower bearing is a job that should be done with a press.,13190,1206466,00.html

Are we to assume that you haven't checked or regreased your bearings in 3 to 4 years? :naughty: I check and regrease my steering head every winter on all 4 bikes, just like the linkage.

Cleaning and regreasing is pretty easy. Replacing is a little more difficult, especially the lower bearing as grayracer said. I would inspect your bearing before taking the bike to the shop to assess your situation first.

Cleaning, re-greasing and adjusting is pretty easy and unless the bearing race is notched thats all I would do.

Mine was notched bad so I removed my lower stem bearing with an air hammer, it totally trashed the bearing but got it off, I placed the triple in the freezer and heated the new bearing with a blowtorch. The new bearing just dropped rite on.

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