Xr650L shifter seal

My 02 XR650L shifter seal is leaking.Is this a easy fix?How's it done?

pretty east just have to use a pic and try to pull the seal out, sometime people drill a small hole and use a screw also.

Yup, 'es right. I just did mine yesterday, took 10 minutes. I used a small sharp flat bladed screwdriver on the major od. Go around the perimeter slowly prying it out. It comes out easy. Then clean the shift shaft and slide the new one back over the shaft. Use a deep socket to tap it in or go around with a wide drift.

I laid my bike on its side to keep the majority of the oil in the case instead of on the ground. J.

Thanks Guy's for your help.I was afraid it was a major fix.I'll get a new seal this weekend.

if using a small screwdriver this will work easil. just be carefull to not scratch the shift shaft sealing surface or it will never seal! then like said before a deepwall socket and SMALL hammer will seat it.

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