Hard to find parts? XR650L

It was the left foot peg, I basically tore it off the bike and bent the shifter beyond recognition. The kick stand looked like it was trying to signal a left hand turn. It took three months for the broken bones in my foot to heal up and the skin and flesh to grow back over my elbow. I asked the doctor to stitch up my elbow when he finished with Mr. Foot, the foot peg went through my boot and attempted to take some bone with it. The doctor laughed at me, "what do you want me to stitch up, there isn't anything there", it will grow back in time". Anyway, both local dealerships told me that ther was no aftermarket pegs for that bike, OEM only and they would be hard to find as well as expensive. Apparently the pegs are made out of some odd alloy called "unobtanium", strong as titanium with only a 10th of the wieght.

You trusted the stealership when they said "the only place you can get "X" is here, Bwuhahahahaha!!!", so I assume you're still on pain meds!



I just checked IMS's site and they list footpegs for all kinds of XR models...600, 650L, and 650R included.

Just because the Tucker Rocky and other catalogs a the "Stealership" don't show them doesn't mean they aren't made. Thanks for the schooling guys! Man that pisses me off, the parts manager is or was a friend of mine.

I got the works connection frame guards and the Maier disk/fork guards.

I ordered them last week from Chaparral racing.


I still cant ride worth a darn but the bike is looking GOOD!


Hows the fit, any install pics yet?


Did you have to do any modifications to make them fit?

Well they are made for the XR600 which doesn't have the passenger foot-peg bungs welded on so I just made mine fit over them so there is a little extra manipulating of the sheet metal. All in all they fit on pretty well.

Both frame guards & fork guards are avail on Ebay. Seller is in UK, and plastics are by UFO and Maier. I recently ordered the frame guards for my XR600.

Lemme know if you need a link to auctions. Both were BIN's

nice L!

that you in the golf cart?LOL:busted:

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