Thumper Radiator Guards

Hey Tim,

Sorry this isn't answering your question but I wanted to let you know that there should be a bunch of guys at HV this weekend. I posted a note at and have had some interest. I am going to try and get there earlier that usual. Let me know what's up and maybe we can convoy it up to exit 245.


David M Smith

BYR Racing

00 DRZ400

Zippin through N. GA


Thumper Racing, Inc.

604 South Washington

Marshall, TX 75670


I just rcvd my rad guards last week.

You should see if they sell those really huge belt buckles that say something like, "I love Texas" or "Everything is Bigger in Texas". I heard people JUST LOVE those things. :)


P.S. Alas for poor Yorric, they, as of yet, have no websight.

Is that the way Shakespear spelled it (Yorric)?

Kevin, You did not say how you liked the guards. Do you think they are the best available? Or just the best price. I prefer the best protection. Thanks


Rick Fuller

'00 YZ426

'81 490 Maico

From reviewing past posts it seems that everyone is pleased with Thumper rad guards especially if your goal is ultimate protection. (Sounds like an ad for some girlie products!) The two that I narrowed down to was the Devol and Thumper, but after reading mixed views on the Devol I decided to go with Thumper. I will let you know what I think when I get them in. I would say I will test them out, but the blue monster might not like that!


Chillydogg / Georgia

Many thanks Kevin for the info. I haven't forgot about you on our Southern Moab. I need to gather all the riders up to come up with a decision on where to make our adventure. I will definitely keep you in the loop.


Chillydogg / Georgia

Thanks, Chilly!!


Does anyone have information on where I can order Thumper Radiator gurards. It seems that there is an agreement that they offer the best quality rad guards compared to other brands. I am riding on rocky terrain and am finding that they are becoming a very important item that I need. Thanks in advance for all info.


Chillydogg / Georgia

Hey guys! How much are those rad guards? I need a set for my WR400 and am having a hard time getting some in Canada. I was trying to avoid ordering some out of the US just because of the exchange and customs hassles but I think I dont have any choice. Are they a rad brace or a guard also? Thanks!

Brace and guard, about $80.00 U.S.

Any other suggestions...the guy at Thumper didnt have any for the 2000 WR and didnt seem to think he would soon. I was talking to a woman who didnt seem to give a rats ass if they were even getting any soon. Who else sells these. I want a brace and guard combo. Thanks! Scotty

fyi, i called w/Thumper Racing today (8-2-2000) to order a pair of rad guards for my 2000 WR. although not available now, the guy told me to call back in approx 1 month; that they should be ready by then. cost = approx $78.

thx to all on this site for the incredible tech info; it's been great for a WR rookie like myself. cheers, bob

FYI, I'm still happy with my Devol radiator guards. I've used them three times so far, and no damage whatsoever. At Kennedy Meadows 2 weeks ago I biffed a log on the left so hard that it knocked me down onto the right side, and still no damage. I used blue Locktite on all the hardware, since I've heard that they can loosen up, so everything's stayed tight so far...

I have Devol's on my 426. Guard with front/back brackets strong enough to be brace. Fit great, easy install, very strong looking.

Squished many a row before guards, none since because Devols ensconce rad almost completely and cover outside edge preventing side impacts from collapsing rows w/out bending rest of radiator. Seems like this could still happen w/ conventional brace because side area is not covered.

426 and WR guards are a little different but construction/mounting is same.

Don't know how good Thumper guards are but can't think of any reason NOT to buy Devols.

my two cents, American...

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I ordered my Thumper rad guards from Craig at Baja Designs. I specifically requested the Thumper rad guards which they had in stock for $80. You can give Baja a call @ 858-578-9111.


Chillydogg / Georgia

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