Can I Bore You?

Do you'all think it is possible to bore the stock top clamp to 1 1/8" to fit fat bars on it?

Is there enough clearance between the bolts and the bore?

Thanks for ye input.


No!! The OD of the bars is too big. Plus you really need the strenth there. Can you imagine having your bars snap off and really hurt you? It's not worth it. I wanted to do it to my XR75 but the clamp is also too small..

DL :)

Just spend the $30.00 and buy the universal adapters if you don't want to change the tripple clamp. I have been running the universals now for a year with my Renthal Fat Bars, Works good Lasts Long Time....Plus raises the bars up about 3/4 of an inch opening up the cockpit.

Bonzai :)


Oh well (visa slides slowly out of old flaky picture holder in worn wallet) at least i got a straight forward answer!

Thanks for the big fat no's!!

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