Kennedy Meadows

Can anyone confirm that the Seq. fire has taken

both Fish creek & Troy Meadows, and if so how much

other riding area...

I am not sure I really want to hear the truth if this

place is gone!!


Mike P

Yep, see "Paradise Lost" post below.....

I spoke with the forest service today and they indicated that Troy Meadows CG was ok and that there was damage at Fish Creek CG. The main part of the fire is now burning in the Dome Land wilderness area. The majority of the damage has been done south of the main Sherman pass road.

I will check later in the week and see if the story is still the same. As of 1300 today the fire had consumed 73,000 acers!


I read someting interesting in the paper this morning (LA Times). They were talking about the residents of Kennedy Meadows and how they were blaming the government for much of the problems in containing the fire.

Some time ago the Dome Land area was declared a wilderness area i.e. no new roads/maintenance/vehicles. Now the firefighters have no way of getting in there to fight the fire. There only option is to let the area burn itself out and hold the line where they have access.

Thank god for the eco-nazis protecting all of those trees from the evil ORVs. Now we have a moonscape where there was once one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Of course they will probably blame ORVs for starting the fire in the first place (I sure hope that was not the case).

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