new bike

Hello all,

Am interested in purchasing a new bike. I've come to learn that the WR is just quite not what I wanted. At first I thought I would just be interested in trails but the more I ride around mx tracks I become glued. I know I could mod the suspension and all but the bike is just to heavy for my small frame.

Don't get me wrong I love the power and handling of the bike with the YZ seat and tank, Fastline front brake, lights removed and Mike Trains suggestion on the exhaust, I just want my 2-stroke back and the lightness of one.

I still want to ride trails but also mx tracks for jumps and such probably a 50-50 mix. To do this I will be giving up the 00' WR400 to get a............

Heres the question.

Honda CR250R, KTM MXC200 or KTM MXC250?

A KTM dealer told me that the MXC has a great suspension for mx tracks but will not beat you up on the trails. Also said the tranny is good for tight woods as opposed to the motocross version (SX250) or the CR250R.

He also stated that the MXC200 will beat the CR250R.

Any suggestions or comments and would anyone be interested in a 00' WR400?




I rode a 200MXC today and had a CR250 as my last bike. The 200MXC will NOT come close to the CR250 in power. It is based on a 125 and feels lighter than a CR250 though. The MXC models are better setup for offroad by a long margin. Big tank, stand, O-ring chain, 18 inch rear, lighting coil, heavier flywheel, balanced offroad/MX suspension, hydraulic clutch.

--- Buy a MXC and ride anywhere, stock...

--- Buy a CR250 and get the checkbook out to set it up for offroad...

Still though, the CR aluminum frame is just too cool looking, very light, and very fast. I'd get the CR and pull out the checkbook! Sounds crazy but there it is.


For mx: Nothing but the Honda.

What about the MXC250? And what are you getting at with the CR as far as setting it up for off road?

I used to race CR's about 12 yrs. ago but don't want to get back into MX, if anything would like to do some hare scrambles


The '00' MXC's have a GREAT suspension for Hare Scrambles, woods and Enduro's... I know 4 people that have them... and two of them have ridden KTM's for about 5 years and they say KTM NAILED it... (one of them beat Fredette to win the Senior A class Sunday at the Jackpine National Enduro)... and it won't kill you on a MX track.... I wouldn't touch the Honda for the woods unless you want to spend $400 to get the susp. revalved (and it still prob. won't be as good) and the hard hitting power will tire you out quicker... These guys both use steering dampers.

What models are they using. I'm kind of looking at the MXC250 or MXC300. Both are the weigh th same and have the same ground clearance.



Be careful on the displacement. I live in NH and we ride some real tight trails. My neighbor, Dan, has a 360 MXC. That thing is way too much on these trails. It doesn't turn worth a darn and has too much (How can this be?) horsepower. It was meant more for wide open spaces. It is a 96, so maybe the steering is improved. Of the 250 and 300, I'd go w/ the 300.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards, WAITING IMPATIENTLY FOR MOAB, boning up on my sheep shearing skills!!

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