WR Day?!

I've been following the discussion on the the 'Moabe ride', and yes alright I admit it I'm green with envy. It sounds like the guys who are going will have an adventure to remember!

It got me thinking(an unusual event in itself) why can't us less fortunate who can't make it, put on our own 'Moab" right here in Australia so to speak, then another revelation struck me, why stop at Oz why not the rest of the world? Thats it 'WORLD WR DAY' !!!

Ok then, we can do it !

The Brindabella's near Canberra has got some of the best riding areas in Oz, I moved here 4 years ago and I thought my home town had some good riding, but it doesn't get close to down here.

I will get started on it ASAP, and hopefully we can get a good turn up.


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Hey Splint and Rod,

Yes, I am making it to Moab and yes I am fortunate. But, buddies, count me in for the Australian gathering. I am there... :)


that sounds great! Me and my Japanese girlfriend will travel any where, any time for a dirty holiday.


You Roo shaggers better not forget me across the Tasi!! :)

When is someone going to come and play with me!?!? :D:D



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I knew someone would suggest this sooner or later. Count me in. I only live a few hours away and would be there with bells on. Better make it after the olympic though as I think I might have trouble getting down there during that period because of work.

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