Yamahas in Maui

I had it all planned out, if I couldn't walk out in to the garage and look at my baby then I was bound and determined not to think about it at all.

My plan was working out great Seattle, Honolulu, Maui. No problems hadn't even crossed my mind. I was too busy thinking about snorkeling with my kids, lying in the sun and golfing at Kapalua Plantation.

When bamm I got kicked in the nads.

It happend on the way from the airport to our hotel. I saw it comming, a very large black truck, lifted on at least 36 inch tires. But the damn thing wasn't lifted enough. I could see the handlebars over the top of the cab. NO, NO, NO don't look, let it go by, NO, NO, NO! THE DAMN BIKE WAS BBBBBLLLLUUUEEE! THE DAMN HEADER WAS THINNNNNNNN!!!! AUGH!!!

I lived with that vision seared in my brain for 9 mind-numbing days. And then on the 9th day...(NO I DIDNT GET TO RID IN MAUI, DONT BE RIDICULOUS!)on the way back to the airport I see a sign of in the distance that says "Moto----something" Oh SH**! NO, NO, NO! "Motocross racing every Saturday!...

It was a long ride home...


JJ - 99 WR; WR timed, stock jetting, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Terry Cable Hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Russel speed bleeders, Factory Effect graphics, YZ rear fender

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