oil question

My first oil change on an 07 450, I drained everything and changed the filter like the book said, but how much goes back in? The book says 1 quart then says 1.6 with filter change, then it says 1.27 complete. Isn't oil with filter complete? I know this is stupid, but how much are any of you putting in? Ok so here's another stupid question, does the copper gasket have to be on the drain plug on the bottem drain? Yup, it fell in the oil then I got distracted and forgot to put it back on and you guessed it, I already filled the bike. I was just going to tip it over and take it off to put the washer back on. I must still be in the clouds over a new ride!! Thanks Steve (YZ owner finaly)

Thank you for not asking what kind of oil to use:applause: :applause:

I put 1 qt in my 06 and then start bike and recheck level on stick

Yes you need the washer......you can drain it in a clean container and refill :thumbsup:

You mean 1.06, not 1.6. That's about exactly right. When I do the oil and filter on my '06, I dump a quart in, ad 50-70cc more, and it's always right when I check it.

The 1.27 qt "total" figure includes oil that never drains out. That has to stay in the engine so that it will make a mess on the work bench when you open it up.

If you don't put the washer on the plug, it will leak. Do it.

Thanks guys, I figured it would leak without the washer there. I do wish there was a simpler wat to check the oil like a window on bikes in the older days!! Steve

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