Axo RC-5 boots?

Has anyone tried these boots? I am looking at buying some boots for the first time and these looked pretty good to me. I looked at the Alpinestars but the buckle on the toe points forward and I think all the brush we ride though would tear it off in no time. Also has anyone tried the Thor SVR helmet? I have been thinking about getting it also. The dealers around here don't have much of a selection of gear so I don't get to see much of it in person. Thanks for all your info.


the thor SVR helmet rocks. that is all i have to say. Very light and very cool. But when it is cold out it keeps you warm. It has great durability and it dosent scratch all that easily and i have fallen on my head alot. Expencive. $250. i got mine when i bought the bike and it was a steal at $125. But that was a one time deal. He had connections. i dont know a thing about the boots. i just got new boots myself. So i need to get used to wearing boots when i ride.

ride on brother

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I have not owned the RC-5 boots but I tried them on at a local shop. I found them to be nicely made using quality hardware.

I didn't like the tech 8 booty nor did I like the "action" and sharpness of the tech 8 buckles. The buckles on the ones I tried on were suprisingly difficult to monkey with.

The tech 6 seemed a little low on quality compared to the RC-5 / tech 8.

I ended up with Gaerne SG-1 boots and I am very happy with the decision. Good quality metal buckles that are easy to operate. Quality materials and craftsmanship. A high end boot along the lines of the tech 6 / tech 8 / RC-5. Although I would have bought the RC-5 if I could have found them in my size locally. BTW - I paid $230 for the mail ordered Gaerne SG-1.

Good luck,

Steve T

dude, what kind of riding are you doing. if, as you said, you are buying you're first pair of boots, i am assuming that you are using them for trailriding, not heavy racing. in that case, save your $$$. get a more reasonable, entry-level boot and buy something else cool for you bike or some other gear or something.

i am in no way talking down my SIDI boots (SRS tae flex $270 :D boots)... i love them, and they are a wonderful fit and provide excellent support for mx, but my bike is destroying them. :) the toe of the right rubs on the brake and is ripping up the leather. i hope to get another season out of them. if i had it to do over again, i probably would have gotten a pair of more affordable boots (thor t-20's, fox tracker, etc...) which can replaced twice as often due to them being half the cost. the rc5 boots from axo are top of the line (i have buds with them) and if you have the clams to shell out, go for it, but if you are on a budget like any of the rest of us, go with something a little more reasonable that can be replaced if you don't like them (with no regrets) or they wear out. these are perfectly good (and often times more comforable due to greater mobility from less support) for trailriding. use the $$$ you save to get something ultra trick for your ride or something.

just my $.02

take it as you read it or call me a moron( :D ) . just trying to help from personnal experience. :D have a good one and enjoy whatever you buy

p.s. SIDI's are excellently crafted boots and are ultra comfortable. this is the second pair i own. my others are made about the same as thor t-20's or fox trackers, and i just wanted new boots for better support for my ankles for mx. :D

Thanks for all the info. I am going to buy the Thor SVR helmet. I would take your advice XRracer, but the wife said she will buy me some boots this year so go for some good ones I say :) . I appericiate you sharing you experience though, as I have very few when it comes to MX gear or doing mods to a bike for that matter. This is only the second bike I have ever had and the only one I have ever tried to do any mods to. So every little bit helps :D .


WR 426


I have the RC-5's They are awesome! a pain in the butt to put on, but I don't think you will find a higher quality boot out there. It must be the most heavily armored boot on the market! I think if I were to do it all over though, it would be a toss-up on RC-5's or Tech-8's


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