Anyone ride near Bass Lake, Ca?

I'm looking for a cooler place to ride during the summer. Has anyone ridden near Bass Lake? What's the riding like there?

Any advice on where to start and where to ride would be helpful. Maybe we can get a few WR's together for a ride.

I rode a 2-day dual sport up there recently, very cool area. Unfortunately, Clinton/Gore are closing much of it after Jan 1. You might be able to get some info from:

California Trail Rides Larry Langley / (714) 992-9291 | 2341 Carol Ave., Fullerton, CA 92633, Email:


Are you living in San Luis? I'm grew up there and moved away in my 30's. Sure do miss it. Visited last summer and hung out at Pismo, Avila was closed for some toxic deal?

About Bass Lake, they used to have an MX track (Mtn. High) it was awesome. I would try to contact some bike shops in Fresno, I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.

Miss the SLO life- stuck in NC



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I live near San Luis Obispo (Atascadero.) It's a great place to ride (Pozo, etc)..but not during the summer. Way too hot, dry and dusty right now. I've been reading this forum lately and now, thanks to you guys, I have the itch to ride again. But the temp is supposed to be 102 today and for the rest of the week. Probably won't see any rain or cooler weather until October.

I'd like to try Bass Lake if the temps are cooler and the riding is decent.

Do you have to be street legal to ride there (I'm not)?


I work in Fresno but live in Visalia. I have riden above Bass Lake a few times. The place I have riden is Miami Creek. It is a few miles above the Bass Lake turn off just before Fish Camp. The turn off the road is to the left and then in about a 1/2 mile to a staging area where you can park. There is a sign on the raod but it is small and you have to look for it. My buddie knows the area well so e-mail me when you are going to ride and maybe we can hook up.

Steve is right, It might not be open much longer so ride it while you can.


How would you describe the trails? Beginner, Int, adv? How many miles of trails?

I'm thinking of riding there in a couple of weeks, probably on a Saturday. I'm just not sure of where to go and if it's worth driving 2hrs one way.

Thanks for the info.


most everywhere I get to ride is a 2 hr drive. The trails range from fire roads to tight, rocky, rooted, slimy in the spring, although most are not to advanced. You have to look hard for tough trails.

Like I said before, I have only riden the area a few times and the trails I saw I was ussually Hard on the rear tire of the guy in front.

sorry I can't be of more help.

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