On a happier note I went to the Washougal National last weekend and what a freaking blast, I cant believe how fast those guys are its absolutely insane. I have ridden the track and usually am dying after one lap or so due to arm pump. But those guys hammer it for 30 minutes. It was interesting to the Cannondale and the ktm in line up, several yamaha 4 strokes, but since Jimmy Buttons out we are not that well represented. Of course Carmichael was ripping, but did notice David Pingree in 125 has some very interesting/aggressive lines, although he was back in the pack. Also Vulliemen has a diff riding style, he stays real low and sits back real far. I wont spoil the outcome for those waiting for the espn air time.

So how did the Cannondale finish ?....And how did he look and sound ?

K-Dub at Washougal - sick!!!!


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Team Oatmeal Pie,

Did you notice the two Cannondale's dropping out mid way through second moto? #81 (red) and #375 (blue) both got much better starts (I'd guess around 15th and 18th). However I'm sure that neither finished that moto. Nothing as to why on Cannondale's web site.

If I had to speculate, I'd say they were turning a few more RPM's than the YZF's in the same track sections. Sounded like it to me anyway.

How about Pastrana pulling the wheelie clear through the whoop section on his moto win?


Looking forward to watching Pastrana and Carmichael at Millville next weekend! Did Yamaha have any of it's 2001 YZF'S at Washougal?

First moto the cannondale was way back in the pack very close to last. 2nd moto somewhere around the middle, the bike looks very interesting, and sounds like big blue. I couldnt get a pit pass but would have liked to inspect the bike. Very interesting gentlemen, I like the idea of an american made motocross bike.

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