Watch Out !!

All this talk. Have you ever thought what would happen if your wife was monitoring this discussion group.

Imagine the evidence that she may have already amassed against you. You could all be in for a big spending bill if she's being keeping a running total of all those steering dampers, carbon airboxes, triple clamps exhaust pipes etc. etc.

Maybe we should invent a code we could use when discussing these 'unauthorised' expenditures.

Oh oh what have I said, they might be reading this post.

I have to go. My wife just finished working on her computer and wants to talk to me about something - I've got no idea what it could be.

LMAO! Not married, fortunatly.


Rick Fuller

'00 YZ426

'81 490 Maico

You are correct. We need to have some kind of special code sequence that only we will know. To do so, we need to send faxes to each other with special codes for the following:

1. Special Purchases - performance enhancements

2. Itemized code descriptions

3. Accident repairs


All you have to do is tell the wife that you got a couple of things for the house. (they don't mind spending money to fix up the house).

Or you can say that you just got some work clothes.

Example -

New seat and tank - ERGONOMIC SEATING

Pipe and header - SPARK ARRESTOR - You need a home with a fireplace, she will never climb up on the roof.

New moto clothing - BUSINESS SUIT - We all know that biking is serious business.

Helmet/gloves/boots - MATCHING ACCESSORIES - Chicks understand this, she doesn't want you to look like a dork.


Damn, I think I am going to go and buy some new household items and business clothes.

And yes honey I do need a $70 torque wrench to set the VCR.

Come on! Aren't we all the men of our households? As they say, "You da man!"


I told my partner when I first met her, not to try and change me.

Told her that she'd go before the bike..

I'm still riding! :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Vist the Rubber Chicken Racing Online Shop

Discounts for ThumperTalk members.

Way to go Bryan and Matt.. :)

The two real men of ThumperTalk.... Keep up the good work guys... I wish I could.. my wife lets me get away with plenty and I love her for it... But, you need to know a little bit about her....

- 5'5" tall

- BROAD shoulders

- 5 years in the military - grunt

- 2 years SAS training. And yes, she left me for 3 weeks twice and I still dont know about it. All I know is that she came back, bruised, battered and alot thinner....

- Anti terrorist training.

- etc.....

The scary thing, she looks so damn sexy, you would never have guessed... Well, her muscular physique would, but she just looked so lean and sexy... YUMMY YUMMY...

So, she da man... :D


Guys, guys, guys. I think I have learned the secret. Just buy her something nice when you order something as well. It doesn't have to be great, either, just SOMETHING. Very simple.

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