1999 Wr400

I just bought a WR400 by impulse :bonk: . Currently, I have an '03 XR4 and I am happy with it. The WR is in great shape and ran well. The only issue is a slight bend in the radiator (not leaking). It needs a little TLC, I will break her down. What should I really look at closely?

What is the good, bad and the ugly about these blue machines? Thanks all. KJR

Check the valves and get the jetting set. Then just stay on top of oil & filter changes and it should serve you well.

i have a wr 400f year 2k and it runs great just keep changin the oil once in a while and gas of course although it doesnt use much gas considering all the power it has...and i usually go through a back tire once in a while..:cry: :cry:

My first Wr was a 99.... bullet proof and if the radiator is not leaking I would leave it alone. The valve clearances on the 99 were more consistent than any of my later year Wr's assuming that the steel valves were not coated like the titanium ones:excuseme:

My suggestion(s) - look at getting a remote, (handle bar mounted), hot start and maybe an auto decomp system if such a thing exists for the 400's.

Good bike with monsterous power, your gonna love it:ride:

This thing does have considerable more power than my XR4. The front seals a leaking a little. I guess due to the bike sitting for 2.5 years. I ordered a fork rebuild kit, twin air, some HP-4 10-w40, handguards, oil filters, and plugs. I have got to really lube and check it out. I should be good to go.

Cannot wait to get it out. My friend says the XR4 will go. We'll see... I might be able to keep up with my friends CRF450X? The XR4 does ok but really gets soft on the rough stuff. I hope the WR fairs better.


If you're going to go through it you might as well pull the steering stem & swing arm apart and lube all the joints.

The front seals a leaking a little.

Try the old 30mm film seal cleaning trick first. It might be all it needs :ride:

Yeah, I am going to take the stem and swing arm off. I bought a TTR 90 for my son and had to replace the stem bearings. I'll do that film seal cleaning trick. Great tip. KJR

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