te-he-he-he-ha-ha-haa-haaa-haw-haw-haw-ah dear

oye laughed sooo muuch, oye damn near piddled in moy pants!

terrycable hot start button eat your heart out!

i saw a wr4 at a H & H in suffolk on sunday. the owner had taken the hotstart button off the frame & put it on under the handlebar, mounted on the decomp lever.

he'd simple put a tube up to the handlebars to his little red button. what should have been the pipe to the airbox now had a little bit of scotchbrite in it. airbox was of course blocked off.

in england there's an old saying "a good engineer is a man that can make for sixpence what someone else would make for a shilling (double)"

get this- the rider was genuinly annoyed that it had cost him £1 ($1.50)!!!!


don't get it!

there's a new saying in the US, "That Taffy...what a dork."

Damn Taffy. After spending all that money on my Terry Cable hot start my reaction is:


Thanks for the info,


...yeah..Taffy... with the language difference's and you using a bit of 'verbal shorthand'.... a lot of times your stuff is a little hard to figure out... (kind of like reading Shakespeare for me, though I heard he couldn't ride for **** neither)... I got the basic idea though.

Heya Taff,

Completely understand ya mate. Those flippin yanks dont know plain olf fashioned english...

Cool stuff Taff. I did the same thing, but left it in the same spot. Had to, the DSP airbox does not have the hose port on the new airbox!


(How) can i do this on my -00 wr4 ?

Does anyone done it?

Are there any aftermarket stuff to buy that are ready to bolt on :)

thanks for help

you lott can't even spoke proper england soon




Some like it cheap...

Some like it easy...

-- Then there's Mitch!! :)

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