Picking up an 07' XR650L to convert to supermotard. Personally I'd rather have a liquid cooled engine, but I've found in california the new models can't be made street legal


I need part numbers for Talon hubs that will fit my bike. Preferably in red, silver as a 2nd choice.

I'd also like to find the part number for excel rims 3.5" Fr / 4.25" R

I'm trying to reference the parts with thumpertalk's search engine but I'm new to the site and I haven't found them.

There are few parts available that are specific for the XR650L which is disappointing. It may be that I need to look at hubs for other model bikes and then get the appropriate spacers. Anyways help me out.... this is my 1st supermoto

You might try calling the Thumpertalk store. If they don't have the info they will get it for you:prof: I was surprised how much help they were when I was modding my "L".

Guess i will have to... Im looking to chage it cosmetically too and can't even find radiator scoops or rear brush guards in any other colors for the 2007 model.

I just want part#'s for everything so I can reference them

can't even find radiator scoops

Find the radatiors first :busted:

Just get an aftermarket plastic tank from A-loop .........

Try the Krylon Fusion paint - you can do the scoops any color you want.

you want the shrowds for looks, right? I'll bet there are a few forum members here with a set or two they would make you a deal on....you could have several sets, different colors

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