Another DS Build

Hopefully tomorrow, Tuesday on the outside, I'll start my dual start conversion. When I bought the bike back last fall, that was my intention. Even though when I bought it, it was no problem to walk it to the dirt roads and take off; I wanted the bike plated so when I take off on longer rides or explore new territory, it would be legal and no one would complain.

Last week, I placed the order to Pro Cycle for the DS kit minus the headlight. Since the conversion more than likely won't be done until the end of the month, I held off on ordering the light for a few weeks. I'll probably order the OEM glass version from Baja Designs. The one thing that made me happy with Pro Cycle is when I was on the phone, I told the salesman, I think was Jeff that I didn't need the turn signals. Even though OK is slightly rigid on equipment requirements, turn signals are not required for my bike, so I skipped them to save money. Instead, I asked him to replace the taillight combo with an LED model. Ended up saving a few bucks. Also, shipping was fast. I think it was three days total from order to arrival.

I still have to order tires. Right now, I'm running Dunlops (dirt only) and have been searching and thinking about DOT tires. My choices seem to be real limited. Even though the bike will be street legal, it's going to be bare bones legal and I want the most dirt aggressive tire I can find. The Kenda Trakmaster tires look good, so right now I'm swaying that way, although I'm sold on Pirelli and may order a Pirelli front.

When I get started, I'll bump the thread and include some pictures and probably ask a million questions. Even though I'm mechanically inclined and do most of the work on my 4x4, I'm no electrical guru.

Should be fun.

Didn't get much done today. No pictures:foul:

Got the seat and tank off. Took the exhaust apart, will probably repaint the muffler. Pretty faded and still has some Moab mud on it.

-Got the headlight/horn/turn signal controller on. It's a pretty tight fit with that and the kill switch and clutch perch all right there.

-Mounted the horn to the same screw holes that hold the top of the headlight on. Had to bend up the mounting plate a little to get it to fit.

-Laid out the wiring harness on the bike. Got to looking at everything wiring wise, it should get interesting.

I might be able to get some more done tomorrow.

The tire decision really depends on how you are going to use your bike. I almost never go on the road, so I run "not highway safe" dirt knobbies. The Kenda's seem like a good deal, but they don't hold up to the power very well. Take a look at the Dunlop D606 for a DOT knobby.

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