If your big and goony read this.......

I want the thumper racing 1.5" riser and need to know if I will need new cables and a top triple clamp. I know some of you giants must tried this system out by now. Feed back much appreciated.


Oat meal i put on the 1in[wr] and working ok i had the 1.5 on my xr600 and run the stock cables,should be able to run stock cables on the wr with 1.5s


Yes, I'm a big goon and I run the 1.5 risers. You can use stock cables but you have to get a little creative with the clutch cable routing and you have to rotate the throttle upside down. I use the stock triple clamps. I've used that setup for over a year now. No problems.

Kerry T,

Question. Dont you have to have a aftermarket TC to put the Thumper Racing bar risers on?

Im almost positive the stock TC bar mounts are integrated into the triple clamp.

As far as the cables go, I put 1.5 on mine and all cables are pretty much at the max but everything seems to work fine. No cable fraying yet from stretching.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

I put the 1.5's on mine but i put on a FMF 909 top triple clamp so that i can use the forward hole to get even further forward. the stock clamp has only one position; how will u mount the mounts on that lower u-clamp? if possible let us know 'cause i can't see it.

I run the Thumper +1" 'bolt on' bar mounts on an Applied Racing top clamp that moves the bars 10mm forward from the stock position. Stock clutch and throttle cables are okay using this set up w/Desert Hi Bend Pro Tapers.

Thumper also makes bar risers that bolt to the stock triple clamp - this is the type Monty Wilson has.


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