Update On My 03 Yz450f..

ok..so i asked a million questions about how to fix that ice feeling in the front end..well..i took all suggestions of free improvements..(not changing springs/oils etc)..and so i had my sag at 2"..adjusted it to between 3"-4"..hardened the damping 4 clicks..and compression 4 clicks (was previously at stock settings)..haven't touched the bigger gold adjustor on the rear that doesn't click..and i had adjusted the front forks 4 clicks H..on the top by the bars..and i put my tire pressure at 12 psi..i ride in both suupper soft sand (which i totally plow thru)..and the hardest gravel roads (which scream wheelie all over)....and my handling is still complete crap on any sand..at high speeds on hard packed sand roads..i have violent front end shake and look like i'm gonna flip any moment..on the smallest of bumps on a gravel road..i just about had my head into the bars..i think the front forks are TOO hard now..but if anyone has any other suggestions..that would be cool..i just guess i'm going to have to deal with the poor handling of this bike..i just plow in sand..but everything else feels fine.. thanx-josh

Learning to ride and dial this 03 bike in sand is just a task that will be frustrating...I suggest you find a track that is dirt to test /dial the suspension on.

If sand is your only choice...get used to riding on the rear of the seat - and learn to steer with throttle.....the only way to ride a 03 effectively in sand...

Also compression in sand is not a factor as sand is so soft

Remember your weight is too much for this bikes stock spring rates that you have, so harder surfaces will be much stiffer - soften the compression up a few clicks on harder surfaces.

Remember until you have money to put into this bike to properly set up your weight...you have to deal with it. And the Bike you own is just going to get you so much in the suspension dept. stock.

Again I suggest you get in touch with a local suspension Tuner to help you....:thumbsup:

ya..your right..i'll just have to deal with it until i revisit suspension guys..but thanx again for all the help man! ride safe

I have an 04' which is pretty much the same in the handling department as the 03'. I disagree that the 03' can't be made to handle half-decently.


1) Get rid of the stock front tire; replace it with a Pirelli Scorpion PRO. Trust me on this one, I've run Dunlop's, Maxxis, and the Pirelli Scorpion PRO is so much better.

2) Get a STORMLINK from Stormcycles.com....this changes the Head angle, and makes the bike feel considerably easier to turn, and will not make the bike stand up in the corner's like stock. Than run sag from between 99mm to 106mm. I think I'm running 105mm right now, which is what most people seem to run with the Stormlink. You'll have to experiment.

3) I run the forks up on the second line (which I believe is 10mm), I have Never experienced Headshake at all, and this helps the bike turn easier.

4) make sure you weight the OUTSIDE footpeg, when making a turn.

My bike actually turns very nice in Loamy dirt. On flat cornered Hardpack, it's not as good as with Loam, but it's quite a bit better than stock.

I think the biggest thing is getting the sag set correctly, and putting on the Scorpion PRO...with the stock tires, I felt like the front end was never trustworthy.

those are some great suggestions!..i just cant throw any money into the bike..but i am running maxxis front back.and thats all i have..but i'll try dialing the suspension! thanx for the tips!

The Stormlink isn't too much at $ 139 new, and I actually got mine used for about $ 75.......Money well spent.

I ran a Maxis IT on the rear, along with a Dunlop 756 up front. The Maxxis lasts a long time, but it isn't the best tire for traction especially in Mud. It overall is a very long lasting tire that performs decently, but it pales compared to the pirelli's I'm running.

I pretty much have my clickers set at stock manual recommendations, except the fork compression is two clicks harder, and I think the fork rebound is one click or two softer than stock settings. I run the compression two clicks stiffer, because I'm normally 185 pounds (in my Birthday suit) and a hair under 6 foot, but in the last year or so, I've put on about 8 or 10 pounds, and on bigger jumps, I'm bottoming out slightly. You really gotta experiment with the forks to get the front end to work well; I can't for the life of me understand why I haven't yet gotten new springs and a re-valve, but I'm going to do it soon.

I know you mentioned money being tight, but down the line do yourself a favor and get the Scorpion Pro and the Stormlink...you'll like the bike's handling quite a bit more than stock.

ya i'll deffinately experiment and then revisit the idea of components..thanx again for the info!

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