So I walk into one of my little motorcycle parts supply places and sitting on a stand is a Cannondale 432 mx which has been running on the So Cal motocross tracks. My impressions are not favorable. It is heavy it for sure weighs more than my streeted WZ 420 (my scoot is at 252lbs ready to ride without fuel but with all dual sport stuff). It only holds 2.1 gallons cant go anywhere, the bike looked thrashed and the engine is as wide as the Golden State bridge down low in front. The most impressive thing I noticed was the Ohlins forks and shock. I realize this bike has been well used but for me its not my E ticked. It had all the trick stuff Nission master cyclinders, etc. But me being a Dual sport and trail kind of a guy this version is not my ticket. The MX guys may have a different opinion but the Yam and KTM are going to be tough to beat.

I'm glad to see Cannondale getting into the action but it will be a while before they get my nod.


Did you talk to anyone that rode it?

If so, what did they think?


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Where did you see that at? The one that the magazines were testing for the past two weeks was in Dirt Riders posession for the next 30 days but they returned it last Wednesday for a new one because it wasn't running right. My friend has been riding it a few times in the past week at Elsinore. I tried it and I think I'll be keeping my Yamaha.


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I agree with the ugly part except for the forks those Ohlins look fantastic. The bike was at Cycle Concepts in Valencia. Did not talk to anybody who rode the bike but it is heavy, ugly and wide at the front, and the headers coming off the back of the head look like they would heat up the shock plus the air cleaner right behind the number plate eats up a lot of space. Shure hope Cannondale gets their act together--but it is tougher than they thought thats for sure.



I was at Glen Helen the other day, and there was no less than 10 Cannondales there being tested by the mag guys and the factory was also testing them. The rumor I was getting was that is a nice bike but still needed a lot of refinement. As far as workmanship goes the bike is a work of art. I must say though the bike is uglier than all get out. I know guys were having trouble with the fuel injection and other problems. My opinion is for more than $8000.00 dollars the bike should be real close to a works bike.

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