Price on '04 450F?

I'm thinking of selling my '04 450F. What do you think is a fair asking price for an '04 bought brand-new last year at this time, with 30.5 h on it (put the hour meter on before I started the bike), all original, oil changed every 5 h., air filter every ride, well maintained, never raced- just play raced.

Do you think $3000 is a possibility?

This isn't a "For Sale" post just yet, just trying to get an idea.

ok..if you look on under trade-in..yesm trade-in value..(because that is the ballpark of where the bikes sell for)..i have owned and sold over a dozen dirtbike..the value for the 04 is $2265..but of course if you look anywhere on cycletrader and see that they bring much more than i'd say $3000 (granted the bike was new last yr) a TAD bit steep..i got my 03 for $1600..and had 2 put radiators on it...but im sure your bike is nicer than maybe..$2700-$2800..but if it is THE bike someone know you can get your top $ of luck! and try for a post..its free and in florida its a miracle worker for sales!

Trade-in value is what a dealer will give for it on a trade, not what it will sell for. Average retail is what the bike actually sells for, and private parties usually get a little less than that.

3000 is about what you can expect, I wouldn't take less then 2700 if I were you or expect more then 3300. O and I have sold over 60 bikes in the past year, so I think these numbers are accurate. You would have had better luck selling it for more 6-9 months ago, but the old steal framed Yamahas are not holding value very well. But I guess the bonus is that they will not dip under 2,500 resale value for the next 2-3 years or so. Unless fuel injections turns out to be out of this world, then we are all screwed.

sorry guys tottally off the subject,

but i was wondering how i post a question up?? seeing as im new 2 the site and join not long ago im still gettin familier with things and how to use the site properly.... any handy haints u boys can giv me???

sorry to be a pain lol

by the way 3000 sounds pretty fair to me, id pay that for a yz450!!!

thanks heapss

3000 is about what you can expect, I wouldn't take less then 2700 if I were you or expect more then 3300. ... You would have had better luck selling it for more 6-9 months ago

Super- just what I wanted to know. If I sold it 9 months ago, I would have only owned it for 3 months! I'm really only considering selling it because I'm recovering from an elbow injury (there's another thread of mine a page or two away (Sell or Keep?) and I'm just playing with the options (.ie :worthy: $$$$$) of upgrading to a newer or different bike.

Also, FWIW, we live in a VERY remote part of NM. Our driveway is 10 miles of dirt road, I drive 35 miles for groceries and the nearest Yamaha dealer is Raton at 70 miles. The nearest big city is Pueblo CO (190 mi), or Amarillo TX (150 mi). It's typically pretty tough selling bikes here. My dealer takes only 10% on consignment and he was able to sell my KDX200 for my asking price in 3 days whereas I couldn't get that price in 5 months of trying to sell it privately. It's likely I'll just take it to him but I kind of wanted a realistic expectation of value. I still might keep it. We'll just see what happens. I might just take it down, set it on the floor, and if it sells for $3000, great. If it doesn't, great, I'll pick it up when I'm healed. Maybe he'll feel sorry for me :cry: and change the suspension fluid.... :thumbsup:

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