DVP needle results VS. Stock DRS

I just went riding today with the new set-up.

Old set-up

YZ timing

DSP pipe and tapered header

180 Main

48 Pilot

75 Air pilot jet

DRS (stock) #3 stock pos

New changes

DVP in pos #4

pilot air jet to #100.

My observation is that the set-up is significantly better. The words that I would use to describe the new throttle response is "linear" or more controllable.

With the old set-up I certainly got a big hit right off idle. Now it is hard to say whether the hit is less or if the increased power between 1/8 and 1/2 throttle is greater.

Previously, I felt that the bike was a little jumpy off idle but then "weezed" a little in the midrange. I think that maybe since the bike was a little weak in the midrange, I would get on it real hard off idle because that was where the power was.

Now the throttle is like controlling an electric motor, very predicatable and much more controllable. It certainly has made riding the bike a lot easier. I noticed that riding the bike is a lot less dramatic and can be done much smoother.

Whether the Needle or the 100 pilot air jet made those differences. I don't know. I just didn't want to take the carb off twice.

Thanks to Brad, James and Clark for the testing the set up first. Everything worked the first time out.

Is this how your bikes felt changing to the DVP or are my riding impressions different.

John Dumke :)


You can thank Clark for sorting out and finding the DVP. I'm a relative newcomer here.

Your words "linear, controllable, electric, predictable, riding... is smoother" all fit my impressions of this setup.


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