Found out how far a 07 WR450 can go.

With that said I can for sure see 80+ miles before reserve on a stock.

I can't believe the differences here in mileage...... Before I switched to the IMS there was no way I'd even go out on a planned 60 miler without carrying extra fuel... I never tested my reserve but I was getting on average about 39 miles before switching to reserve......

I Have made it about 42 mile in the mountains of big bear ca. 2 weekends in a row. The average speed was 21 mph mainly in second gear. Thats with reserve.

Last weekend in Red Rock Canyon area of CA, at the end of a 47 mile loop, some flat out roads but mostly slow single track trails with several all out 2nd & 3rd gear sandy uphills, I ran out of gas, without reserve as I arrived back at camp.

I turned on reserve & the 2007 WR450F restarted with no problem.

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