Stoneyford ride. hot, good but LOST

Hey to all who rode Stoneyford on Sunday. Thanks for the great group of guys and a good ride. It was hot, dusty but all in all a good day. I would like to thank Monty again for the tour. You truly know your areas. Thanks for showing me the way to camp. To Mike, Brian (spelled correctly and I know which one your truly are but will never tell another sole) and Ratso. I am really sorry we lost you at the start. I think that sucks and missed riding with you guys. Don't know what happened but I am bummed that we lost you. I certainly hope you guys had a good ride and to Brian you are a great sport to have not been to bummed out about us losing you.

Next ride, lets wait until it cools a little and maybe we can have a small camp out going and ride for a couple of days. There is lot to still be seen.

Cheers to good friends made and more rides at Stoneyford in the future.

Mike (Roseville)


98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing


God damn that was hot :D ...... It's true Brian (correct spelling :D ) really does exist. Johnny, Howard said you two had one hell of a dash down trail 6 :D ...... Ratso & Brian, thanks for waiting for me at Letts ridge (What a M.F. of a hill :) , Mr. Lett must have been a real prick :D ). Next time we must refine our trail train technique just a little bit (I'll bring my AR-10 just in case we have to reduce this membership on short notice :D )...... All in all a real fun trip..... Monty, thanks again for your hospitality. Let's do it again real soon!

No offense to anybody but let's not do Stonyford anytime TOO soon - I don't mind hot or dusty but both together at those levels....

Who knows their way around some of the higher elevation riding areas????

Seriously, great to meet everybody & I am looking forward to riding with you again. Okay, Mike from Silicon Valley & Ratso again - the rest of you for the first time :)


any you guys going to old hignway 40 days at donner ski ranch 12th&13th aug.?me and the rat are going i'll camp at boom town[pool and hot tub]YAAAAAAAAA.

motorcycle races and hill climbs both days



It sounds like fun but I'll be in Las Vegas with my wife. When do you think a good time would be for a Georgetown ride?


Man with the fire season upon us i don't think they will let us ride in geogetown, i will check with the rangers and see what go;es after i get back from boomtown.I know some good trails up there you guys will love them,I worked 2 years laying enduo out there.That do'es need to be the next ride and i know a good place to eat& meet :)


He Monty,

Is there anywhere in the world you have not ridden. you are truely the trail GOD!!!. It is a pleasure riding with you and your knowledge. I will always enjoy hooking up with you and riding. Goes for the rest of the guys as well. Monty you must have been born with a map in your head!!! Anytime you head out in the SAc area to Stoneyford, let me know and I am in (of course I will have to ask the wife)


You got it and if you guys put a ride together let me know,i'll be working on that georgetown ride :D and post info for you. you guys will be in the best shape for mohab then any one :)



Have you ever been to Kennedy meadows?


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