Thanks for the story. I plan on doing the same thing when it comes time to renew.

Maybe you could elaborate on the details. Did you not complete the transaction if they gave you a red sticker? Did you just go to a new DMV and say you lost your Green sticker?

I want to hear more.



I went to the first DMV office with the temp registration and told them I had not received anything from Sacramento, which was true. They called Sacramento, then mailed me a red sticker.

Shortly after I went to another DMV office and filled out a lost sticker form. The gal at the counter charged me $12, then counted to the eight VIN number - noting the "C". She printed out a "registration paid" ticket, highlighted it with a yellow marker, then told me to go to window "S" to pick up my sticker.

The gal at window "S" took the paper, wrote a big "R" on it, the pulled out a green sticker and handed it over.

This was the same situation for my two buddies that followed suit in the following days. One of them did notice that they had red stickers in the drawer.

Both of the gals seemed very bright and on top of things so I'm still not quite sure why they did what they did. And oddly, the DMV that issued the red sticker was rural, and the green sticker DMV was in the city.

I'm sensing that there is a lot of friction over this issue. There may even be some revenue and power issues between DOF, CARB and DMV. Perhaps some of these guys are vigilantes.

Hope that helps..and good luck.


Thanks alot Dave J and others. While I completly agree with Team Oatmeal regarding our rights, that green sticker would be really nice. I'm going to go down to the DMV and tell then I lost mine and need a new one. If they give me a red, I'm going to say that the last one was green. The only question is, if they give me another red, do I immediately go to another DMV or do I wait a while. I'll post on the results.


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