03 WR450F starter making god awful noise

Last weekend was the first time I had the bike out this year (lohg story) and the starter was making nasty nioses like metal on metal. I took the starter out yesterday and I can see some wear on the armature shaft where it rides on the rear bushing (commutator end). I have checked the manual and it does not give any information on replacing the bushing or lubrication so it looks like I will be buying a new starter.

I would like to rebuild this starter if possible for a spare. Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

The bike has all the 04 starter upgrades.

there is a post about where to get a replacement bushing. It is a little long and you have to cut it down. I am having the same problem. I rode last week to see ho bad it would be to kick the thing all day. All i can say is it is the easiest bike i have ever started. Way easier than a xr200! I am getting rid of the starter and battery on mine. Saves 13 pounds and lets the bike breathe easier. I am still going to rebuild the starter for when i sell the bike i can put it back on.

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