How to fix graphics that are coming off my Gas Tank???

I have a 99 YZ400F and after I was done riding today, I noticed that the graphics on the ank are starting to peel away from my gas tank....

this is my first bike so i am not sure how to fix it. is there a glue that I can use to stick it back to the tank....I was reading that some people use heat to re-apply

its starting to really bother me so I want to fix it asap

if it matters, the Graphics are from FX graphics.

Thanks for all the help TT'ers!!!!!

Patrick M.

Sell that tank and buy a 06 or newer 450. But ya buy spray glue, or they actually make a product, I think it's called super stick or something that you spray on the back of your graphics and it makes them stick better and allows you to move them around on the plastic. Anyway, good luck.

i hav heard that using a hair dryer and warm up the sticker, it melts the glue n u mite b able 2 re stick it with the glue.

give it a go mann no harm in trying

Either the graphics are shot or the gas in the tank is eating the glue over time.....drain the gas

Also 3M adhesive from HomeDepot will work - get the "90" version:applause:

thanks for all of the help!!!!!!

I will stop by Home depot and get some spray glue... specifically the "90" version.

BTW... I would buy a new bike but I cant afford it right now. I am saving money so i can get a new bike!!!!

Patrick M.

also graphics peal off the gas tank, because vapors seap through the plastic tank. Try and get good graphics like one industries or something with small holes to let the vapor through. Goos luck. P.S. the 3m spray glue does not work very well and is a temporary fix. My friend got some stuff that works like magic at the bike shop, I would cal lthere or drop by a local shop first.

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