Stuff for SALE

I have the following items hanging around that I never or hardly use. If any of you are interested e-mail me.

Alpinestars TECH 8 Boots Warn about 5 times I cannot get used to them and have not been wearing them at all.. Black Size 10---$125.

Off my 99WR 400

*Stock WR tank--never used $50

*Stock WR seat complete--never used $50

*Stock WR glide plate--never used $10

*Stock WR fork protectors--slightly used $10

*Stock WR header--slighly used $30

*Stcok WR top and bottom tripple clamps $30

*IMS 3.2 gallon gas tank--USED $40

*Stock rear B caliper guard and disk guard slighly used $10 for both

*Stock odometer, cable and drive unit $20

*Stock foot pegs used $10 for both

*Stock water pump guard slightly used $10





Wow Clark you are a generous guy. Those are some good prices. Too bad I dont need any of that stuff. Guess I would have been to slow anyway.

Timing is eveything...

Hey Mark,

How much do you want for those boots?


I would like the odo and related parts, how can I get in touch to get them, my odo ate it with a super endo into a ditch at speed. I will take them ASAP if not already sold.

I also have questions about the IMS tank.


Yo Clark,

I am just curious. Are you using another tank? Why are you selling the IMS? I am tossing around getting a new tank, but would go with a Clark or Acerbis, myself.


Ty Davis has made his own tank and IMSis makeing it for him. It can only be purchased directly from Ty or through Monclair Yamaha. YOU CANNOT GET THIS TANK FROM IMS!!! SO DON'T CALL THEM.

The details holds 3.2 gallons carries the gas 2 to 3" lower on both sides of the engine and has a slave petcock on the right side feeding, via a small section of fuel line, a master petcock on the left side. The only thing you turn on is the petcock on the left side. Top of tank is even with the top of the seat and only 1" above the oil fill tube. This tank is narrower than a YZ at the section where your knees hit the tank. If you look at a IMS tank you can see the deep indentations where the radiator shrouds mount. With Ty's tank it is flush at the radiator mount points probably 3" narrower.

So this tank carries 3.2gals, is very narrow, much lower at the seat. Which means lower CG long range and improved handling though much improved ability and ease of body positioning. I like it.

MY IMS tank has serve me well for 15 months but this is the best tank I'v heard about and mines on order. A good friend of mine has one on his 426 and I ordered mine based on his discription without even actually seeing Ty's tank. However, the source is ultra reliable when it comes to bikes and trick stuff.

When I get it I will report on it with photos


To All

I sold all my stuff to Mark at 2 DADS he is local to me and no shipping involved. The boots were sold locally.



What the hell you doing crashin'??

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