Jealous Wives

My wife has just learned to deal with it, after all a bike can only satisfy certian needs that i may have, she still knows that i will come home to her at the end of the day.

My girlfriend & I have an arrangement. The week days/nights are for her & the weekends are for me & riding with my mates. Prior arrangements aside. Works well, only compromise was she had to move in.:excuseme: Good & bad points but at least I can ride for as long as I like & come home when I'm done. Got home last night at 7.30pm. :lol:

It all depends on the girl but women and vaginas are over rated guys, dirtbikes however are under rated :excuseme:

so true! :lol:

I've been married for almost 2 years. Riding is in my blood. I got a WR426 last summer and plated it. I put some passenger pegs on it so i can take her when i'm not riding hard. She's looking forward to getting a bike though. hopefully this summer. She won't be that fast, but we'll be able to ride together. Whatever is over rated or under rated, i don't have to choose. what could be better than riding and hanging out with your wife at the same time?

Ive been in that situation, it wasnt with a dirt bike but with a truck I was building, it was a rough topic for a while.

Guys i had the same problem also, a few years ago with ex wife or wasnt ex at the time but you can see what won. and riding and bikes have been in my life since the age of four.

My wife is cool and never give me crap about my bike's.

If your girls or wife needs that much attention then buy her a puppy:thumbsup: I told my girl from the 1st time we started dating that I ride on the weekends :banghead: Most of us have been riding long before we started dating or married the women. Women just like the idea that they can change men. I strongly believe that you have to except the person for who they are period. Yes people can change but not your entire outlook on life and how you live life. So if she knew you ride on the weekends when you started dating ( except for x-mas, b-days, v-day, and the outlaws coming over to visit ) then tell her she stepping over your boundaries. :banghead: Then if she still gives you sh!t, tell her you want her to come along that you need help so she feels like your doing something together. like , recording some lap times, water bottle dutys, washing bike after your done. No just kidding:lol:

So, tell me all you "old" married guys, how do you deal with that?


i tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!:banghead:

i tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!:banghead:


i tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!:banghead:

I hope she just laughs at you and says "Oh OK". That's what my wife says to me:busted:

i tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!:banghead:

Gotta luv south park!

I bought my wife wife and kids bikes and started getting them involved. My son and I ride hare scrambles and the wife and daughter take photos. It works out well! We go on family rides and my wife understand that I want to go riding with the guys and bounce off a few trees too. The key, at least for us, is to keep a balance of family rides and mancations. If I don't take them out I start getting the "your neglecting us" look. I can't rip through the single track with my wife and kids really but they are learning to ride better. Its much less aggravating to ride with them now than at first. I was having to pickup bikes and start them for 2 kids and a wife every 20 minutes. Now I know I can go ahead and they can hold there own but it took time and patience to get this far.

Most of the guys I ride with are in the woman haters club and feel like bringing your wife into the sport ruins it. I really do see their point. But, I get a great deal of enjoyment watching my family make it through an obstacle or roost each other, fall over in the mud, etc.. We are all off the couch doing something as a family and I would have it any other way.

If I don't want them to go all I have to say is, OK honey you can give it a try but it's going to be hard. She just says, OH... say no more, Go have fun! She knows her limits and doesn't expect me to hold her hand. Now that I think of it, my wife kicks ass!

Personally, I like that my honey has hobbies...bikes, and making beer!

Fortunatly, for us, these are 2 hobbies I enjoy also......

if your honey is not into riding, find another hobby you both enjoy and commit some time to that also....

: )


if your honey is not into riding, find another hobby you both enjoy and commit some time to that also....

: )

that dont sound like fun... her making sandwich+me eating it=enjoyment.

I'm 36 now, just got into this sport again in 2006, after a long time away from it (since 17, on my Honda MT 50).

As it turned out, in 2006 I bought 2 110 CC Thumpstars (chineese pit bikes), and a lot of my friends bought them as well. To our surprize, they are really reliable, having the Honda SS motor. We have given them all sorts of tough conditions and they have handled them well (except they don't like too much water).

Where was I. Yes, I bought 2 bikes and gave my wife one of them. At first she didn't really want to play along, but as her friends (girls) started to ask if they could try the bike out etc. she became interested.

We have used those Thumpstars a lot over the last 3 years and will for sure keep them.

Last year I moved up a level and bough a new Gas Gas Trial bike. It sure was fun to learn and I have it in the garage as well, barely street legal.

This year, I bought the 4th bike, a Yamaha WR 450 - 2005. This thing is a blast. No compromise, this is "guys only tool". My wife is pregnant, so she will not be riding until next year anyway. Meanwhile it is all about the WR.

I have been thinking if I should keep the trial bike. I'm not that interested in it at the moment, but I'll keep it for another year and see...

cmon guys, we all have the ability, we all know how to use it. We have a gene called the "ignore" gene where the complaining goes in one ear and out the other. Harness this power, it's your greatest asset :worthy:

I'm 35, been married 5 years and have two very young sons (1 and 2). Just sold my road bike and getting back into dirt riding. I work hard and need an outlet. I've decided dirt riding is the outlet. She understands which is really cool and she also understands its a boys thing. She hates road bikes so its a win for her.



I bought my WR after waiting 9 yrs for education, family and career goals to to be completed.

The wife and I ride street bikes together, so i thought she might like to ride dirtbikes. I bought her a TTR and took her out once. We also bought a 50cc quad for our daughter. Our daughter loves to ride now.

The wife felt unstable on the TTR, but didn't tell me until two months later when I got tired of her brushing off opportunities to ride. During this time she also relayed that she felt neglected because I was on TT all the time reading posts, or in the garage tinkering. I sold her bike, and rode alone while she was at work. This made her jealous.

She told me she wanted a quad. I was concerned about this, but we went shopping, found a type she liked, and purchased one from Craigslist. I got her a 2002 Raptor 660. I thought it was going to be too powerful for her. We went for a 30 mile ride and she loved every minute of it.

For 3 days, all I heard was, "When are we going riding again?"

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